Members of Infinite Challenge shared their thoughts on Noh Hong Chul’s DUI incident

Members of Infinite Challenge shared their thoughts on Noh Hong Chul‘s DUI incident last year.

The February 20th episode of MBC‘s Saturday Saturday is Infinite Challenge, aired a documentary compiling behind-the-scene clips from the latest hit segment of the show, Saturday Saturday is Singers (TOTOGA).

In particular, a short appearance of Noh Hong Chul garnered the public’s attention. Snippets of Noh Hong Chul, a former Infinite Challenge member, were broadcasted, from his time on and off the show. Members of Infinite Challenge shared their thoughts during the time of Noh Hong Chul’s DUI incident.

Haha mentioned, “I received phone calls from friends. I don’t even know how time passed then.” Yoo Jae Suk opened up, “I said to myself, ‘It couldn’t be?”, because I know that he knows these things well enough. I really wondered what was going on.” Jung Joon Ha added his worries at the time, “I even thought to an extent that he won’t be able to fly anymore due to hurting his wings.”

Meanwhile, Noh Hong Chul was caught for drunk driving at a Nonhyundong customs checkpoint in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea in early November last year. With his DUI, the entertainer’s driver’s license has been suspended. Moreover, Noh Hong Chul has since been reflecting upon his actions after apologizing to the public for his mistakes, even withdrawing as a member of MBC‘s Infinity Challenge and I Live Alone.

Source: My Daily