[★VIDEO] Merry Christmas from your favorite idols ft. Apink, 2PM, BTOB, AOA and more! – Part 2

K-pop Stars including Apink, HISTORY, EXID, 2PM, GOT7C-Clown, BTOB, AOA, VIXX, SECRET, SONAMOO, Teen Top, IU, and Eric Nam wish their beloved fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Apink is most spirited, cutely wishing their fans Merry Christmas!  Apink members, Bomi, Hayoung, and Namjoo bring joy to fans through their cute and melodious video messages. In the videos, the girls individually sing Christmas songs while revealing their wishes for the upcoming year while beautifully dressed in Christmas dresses. Meanwhile, Eunji and Namjoo upload adorable selcas while in dance practice. Finally, Apink uploads a video of the members silly dance to “All I Want For Christmas is You” in their dance studio.

Post by Apink.

Post by Apink.

HISTORY celebrates the holiday season with their fans in a interview like video message. Each of the HISTORY members are asked what reminds them of Christmas while giving silly answers like socks and Chris Brown. Before wrapping up the message, HISTORY reminds fans of the upcoming sheep Lunar New Year. Also, HISTORY uploaded a picture of written greetings from the members.

EXID sends a group message to their fans, wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The members of EXID are dressed in Christmas outfits while wishing their fans a warm and loving holiday.

2PM also show love for their fans by decorating a Christmas tree in a video message. In the video, the silly boys decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments, bells, lights, and a star for HOTTEST while bringing in a “special guest” revealed to be Taecyeon. Futhermore, the boys discuss their experiences from Christmases past.

GOT7 decorated a Christmas tree in celebration for their first Christmas as GOT7. “Merry Christmas I GOT7 #GOT“.

Post by GOT7.

C-Clown also send many Christmas wishes to their fans. In their video message, the boys sat down and discussed each member’s favorite Christmas songs and movies. The boys happily replied by stating movies and songs like Frozen, The Grinch, Home Alone, Holly Jolly Christmas by Michael Buble, “Hedwig’s Theme of Harry Potter, and “Must Have Love by SG Wannabe & Brown Eyed Girls.

The Black Swan duo take fans Christmas shopping to assemble a Christmas tree. In their video, the duo buy an assortment of ornaments all to decorate and assemble a humble, little tree.

HIGH4 give their fans a Christmas gift by dressing up in Christmas hats and hair bands. The boys wish their fans a “Merry Christmas” while poking fun at one another.

Aron, JR, and Minhyun from NU’EST sing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” to their fans. In their short but sweet video, they wish their fans a safe and warm Christmas with loved ones.

Block B wish their fans a warm and safe “Merry Christmas” (in English) from the cold while being dressed in fun Christmas gear.

MYNAME wish their fans a “Merry Christmas” while dressed as Santa Claus and a reindeer. In the video, the boys serenade their with a mash up of “Jingle Bells” and “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” while also celebrating Chaejin‘s brithday!

100% celebrates Christmas with a big cake and cute Christmas hats with their fans.

Untouchable wishes their fans a safe and warm Christmas day and thanks their fans for their everlasting support.

SONAMOO wish their fans a “Merry Christmas” as they spend their first Christmas together as a group. Each of the members express their wishes for the new year and thank their fans for their support. Also, the girls gave their fans a final treat with the girls together in a shape of a Christmas tree.

sonamoo christmas

The girls of SECRET individually wish their fans a “Merry Christmas” and their wishes for the upcoming year with lots of cuteness and laughter.

9MUSES have a Christmas party with fans and give them a funny and cute behind the scenes look on filming the Christmas party. In the behind the scenes video though, the girls play the notorious lie buzzer game and bond with one another.

A.KOR members write loving Christmas messages in their charming pictorials and spend the day with their fans in a cute photoshoot.

MR.MR. spends their Christmas day in an amusement park with their fans. In their video, fans will get to see an upclose glimpse of the boys on rides, dancing, and goofing off. All to warm the hearts of their fans.

Standing Egg wish their fans a “Merry Christmas” with a cheerful photo of a Christmas tree in a snow field with lit Santa Claus, a snowman, and a penguin onto of a stack of gifts.

Eric Nam wishes a “Merry Christmas” to his fans in his silly photo captioned, “Merry Christmas. 메리크리스마스!!!! I love you baby jesus #christmasness”.

The members VIXX greet their fans in their fun photoshoot like pictures wishing everyone a “Merry Christmas”.

Post by VIXX.

24K share an adorable drawing of a boy sleeping while Santa visits to celebrate the day with their fans.

Huh Gak shares a sweet Christmas message for his fans on a photo of one of his performances.

Teen Top wishes their fans a “Merry Christmas” with these handsome photos of each of the members.

The AOA girls decorate a Christmas tree with homemade stars detailing their thanks to their fans.

aoa christmas

aoa christmas 2

Sunny Hill write Christmas wishes and greetings to their fans.

IU wishes her fans a “Merry Christmas” while uploading a cute selca and asking her fans to check out her beautiful Christmas cover.

iu christmas selca

Boys Republic share a handsome photo of the entire group in a beautifully decorated room for the Christmas spirit.

LABOUM sends their warmest wishes in a charming group picture.

Heart to Heart wishes their fans a “Merry Christmas” with festive stringed banners and a little ornament.

hearttoheart christmas

Lee Hyun Woo + Kim Woo Bin wish their fans a “Merry Christmas” and to please check out their upcoming movie, “Trinity”.

hyun woo +woo bin

Han Soo-Yeon wish her fans a “Merry Christmas” and expresses her thanks to her fans.

Sean and His Family wish everyone a “Merry Christmas” with a loving family portrait.

Source: M Star Naver, TenAsia, TenAsia