MFBTY reveals that their team name could have been entirely different on #hashtag

Back with their first full-length album “WondaLand,” Bizzy, Tiger JK, and Yoon Mi Rae  shared behind the scene stories in their interview with #hashtag.

Following their mini album The Cure (2013), the trio brings an interesting mix of different elements with their”experimental album” the first time under the name of MFBTY.

In the interview, they revealed how their name MFBTY originates from a catch phrase “My Fans are Better Than Yours,” an inside joke between the group and their fans, and shares a message of peace and having fun with music. Another candidates for name of the team was revealed to be “Yoon Mi Rae and the Flowers,” which lightens the atmosphere in the studio at once.

The trio continued to share fun moments while preparing the album, including Tiger JK’s choreography for Bang Diggy Bang Bang. While admitting their interest to perform in shows and hopes for good performance in charts,  the trio, however hopes the message brought by the album wouldn’t be fade out by chart performances.

The album features artists from different music generic backgrounds, and consists of 16 tracks with three title tracks, “Bang Diggy Bang Bang,” “Bucku Bucku/Shy Shy,” and “In The Eyes,” all chosen by each of the members. Apart from the compelling features, attention can also be given to the interesting track “Fart Dance” that was written by Jordan, son of Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae.

WondaLand” was released on March 19th. Take a look at the interview here: