MI.O reveals a heart-wrenching cover of Davichi’s “Cry Again”

On February 9th, vocal cover group MI.O surprised fans with their rendition of Davichi’s latest track, “Cry Again.”

In this video, the three members seem to have traded in their popular Avengers masks for simpler, metallic colored masks. While their new masks cover only their eyes and cheeks, exposing their noses and mouths, the members still remain hidden behind these mysterious disguises.

Opening with a husky and soft introduction, their version of this track climaxes with the build in the instrumental as well, going from a soothing piano to more aggressive percussion. Although two members start the track off, the third member soon comes in to complete the colorful harmony.

The group is known for their powerfully moving covers and their newest original track, capturing the support of many listeners.

Take a look at their emotional cover here: