Min primps herself pretty for “Colors” comeback with miss A in new teasers

miss A member Min continues the trend with her own concept photos for the girl group’s anticipating comeback at the end of the month.

On March 23rd, JYP Entertainment unveiled Min’s solo concept photos through the group’s official website and SNS accounts. Min takes on her own notion of the concept, placing herself in front of the mirror as she prepares herself for a good night out. With large rollers in her hair, her small V-shaped face becomes more prominent.

Additional photos of the miss A girl group reveals her painting her toenails, and even in the middle of clothing herself with legs up high as she places her shorts on while laying on her bed.

miss A will be releasing their 7th project album Colors on March 30th, which will be followed by their very first comeback stage on Mnet‘s M! Countdown on April 2nd. 

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Source: miss A