The minds behind SM Entertainment’s legends to debut a new boy group

ROMEO reveals their first teaser prior to debut while introducing their first members, Hyunkyung and Kyle.

Upcoming boy group ROMEO under CT Entertainment is set to debut in May as well as already signing with a Japanese record label ahead of time. Revealing their members one by one in a series of teaser videos, ROMEO begins with the first  member, Hyunkyung.

CT Entertainment consist of staff who worked within SM Entertainment for over 10 years and are the brains behind many legendary groups, such as TVXQ and Girls’ Generation.

In the short black and white teaser video, Hyunkyung is seen sitting and lying down in the middle of a field. The camera seems to mimic a person who is moving through the fields in search of the member. Unaware of what is happening, Hyunkyung continues to sit down and face away in the other direction.

At the end of a simple, yet eerie feeling, teaser video, it ends with the words, “Come night, the entire world will fall in love.”

Kyle’s teaser video is as similar as Hyunkyng, save the words ““All the world will be in love with night” appearing instead. Leaving with an ambiguous and mysterious  message, ROMEO concludes their first members teaser video.