miss A’s Fei talks about her gluttonous eating habits on “Happy Together 3”

miss A’s Fei describes herself as gluttonous as she talks about her eating habits in the latest episode of Happy Together 3.

On December 4th, the episode featuring miss A’s Fei, Kim Tae Woo, Kim Yoo Jung and more was aired via KBS. On the said episode, Fei talked about her gluttonous eating habits, revealing that she can eat a whole duck by herself.

Fei elaborated on her eating habits by revealing that she is the type to not eat a lot at once, but can keep eating for the rest of the day, further sharing that she can finish her mom’s cooked meals when in China all the time.

Closing her statement, Fei also added that since her mom’s specialty is roasted duck, she has been able to eat a whole roasted duck by herself since she was in elementary, which caused interesting reactions from the rest of the guests.

"Happy Together 3"

Source: Newsen