miss A’s Min wears the latest trendy pieces for “Ceci Magazine”

miss A’s Min wears the latest trendy pieces in the January 2015 issue of Ceci Magazine.

On December 30th, miss A uploaded exclusive pictorial stills for Ceci Magazine featuring member Min, which she also collaborated with model Irene Kim.

In the first photo, Min was seen with a blank expression while styled in a sparkly dressed only accessorized by a black hate. The blue hues used in the concept further highlighted the cool, stylish vibe created by the concept.

By the second photo, Min was seen changing palettes, unveiling her bold and strong personality through an oxblood, embellished dress paired with a hat. The guitar case, furred sleeves and strappy heels further accentuated the look embodied by the trendy pieces.

The full pictorial will be released on January 2015 and will also feature shots with model Irene Kim.

Meanwhile, aside from her personal activities, Min rejoins as miss A as they prepare for their possible comeback previously hinted for February.