[★VIDEO] miss A’s Suzy is set for winter in ROEM photoshoot

On November 17th, Korean fashion brand ROEM released a video of a winter-themed photo shoot starring miss A’s Suzy, which was released earlier this month. 

Through the video, which was slightly longer than one minute, Suzy reaffirmed her status as the “Nation’s First Love”, flashing the beautiful smile and bubbly personality that she is known for across Korea.

Suzy started off the video dressed in outfits more reminiscent of fall fashion, but the scene quickly changed from a pink room filled with flowers to a white, winter-themed room, complete with Christmas trees and ornaments. The singer donned a variety of winter outfits, which included multiple fashionable jackets and coats.

With the amount of charm that Suzy exudes, it becomes apparent why she she is a popular choice for advertisements in Korea, and is sometimes even referred to as the “$10 million girl”.

The JYP Entertainment singer is currently shooting for her upcoming movie Dorihwaga, which is set to complete filming in December.  J.Y. Park (Park Jin Young) has announced that Suzy’s group, miss A, will begin working on a new album after the movie finishes shooting, and predicted the album would be ready to be released by the summer of 2015.

Don’t forget to check out the video for Suzy’s latest photo shoot below!