miss A’s Suzy makes a cute gesture donating her toys for Children’s Day

miss A’s Suzy makes a cute gesture as she donates her dolls and gifts as she celebrates Children’s Day. 

In South Korea, May 5th is the official day to celebrate Children’s Day and as a number of celebrities gather in to make their own donations, Suzy makes a simple gesture of donating her toys and dolls to the orphanage instead.

Updating her personal account, she has posted a photo of all the toys she was going to donate, along with message saying, “To celebrate #childrensday, there are a few cute dolls in my house that I’m going to donate to the children in the orphanage. These are the dolls from our fans who have given them as presents. I feel sorry for the fans that gave these presents, but please trust me that it’s for a good cause!! Thank you.” 

Fans who have known about her gesture commended the singer and actress for a more personal approach for Children’s Day, while some expressed their understanding as to why she had to give them away.