miss A’s Suzy shares stunning behind-the-scenes photos from the film, “Dori Painter”

miss A’s Suzy shares gorgeous behind-the-scenes photos from her latest film, Dori Painter.” 

On January 3rd, filming for Dori Painter marked their last day on set after filming for the entire season. Suzy celebrated the film’s last filming date by posting up behind-the-scenes photos on her personal Instagram account.

Through her close-up seflies amidst a cool, wintery backdrop, Suzy was able to reveal her natural, stunning beauty. Wrapped in her thick winter coat, she was even seen hugging the camera, along with taking commemorative photos with the staff members as she expresses her admiration for them.

Referring to the camera she took a photo with, she added a description saying, “With someone who has been with me all these days” and also left a heartwarming message to the staff through the message, “I love you our film Dori Painter staff unnis and oppas. Our Nara unni and also my apprentice Yojung. We all did such an amazing job despite the cold weather. I wanted to hug everyone when everyone was shivering and working hard. I love you all. -Suzy”

The film Dori Painter takes place in the 1800’s which the basic storyline is based on relationships between Pansori artist Shin Jaehyo, his favorite disciple Chaesun and Heungseon Daewongun. Suzy will take the role of Chaesun in which a love line will be created between Shin Jaehyo and Heungseon Daewongun.

Source: Dispatch