miss A’s Fei reveals that miss A is working on a new album

On January 11th, Fei confirmed miss A’s new album by updating her personal Instagram account with a photo of member Jia in the recording studio.

While Jia was recording, two other people were seen sitting in front of the isolation booth, where the person on the left, resembles JYP Entertainment‘s founder, J.Y.Park. Although the photo captured fans’ attention, fans expressed their excitement when they saw the caption say, “@mjbaby0203 #missA #Jia #newalbum #Recording,” which confirmed miss A’s new album and comeback.

Meanwhile, an official revealed that since miss A’s Suzy completed her filming for an upcoming film, “She will meet with fans as a part of miss A.” As well as revealed that miss A “has plans to be active outside of Korea as well for their comeback.