miss A’s Fei speaks on the stereotype that the Chinese do not wash on KBS 1TV’s “Neighbor Charles”

In a recent appearance on KBS 1TV‘s Neighbor Charles, singer Fei spoke on the criticism she endured following her debut with miss A.

The episode featuring Fei aired on the afternoon of February 17th, and the singer shared the concerns she had when she first made her debut as a foreigner singer in Korea with rookie singer Shannon, who is of British and Korean descent from her father and mother’s side respectively.

The Chinese are stereotyped for not washing frequently. Hailing from China, Fei was frequently asked if it was true she does not wash often when she first came to Korea. On the show, the singer revealed she was shock.

“When I first came to Korea, I was asked ‘Is it true you only shower once a week?’. I was so flustered. I replied ‘I shower all the time. Do you really think that Chinese people never shower?’ and they really thought so. I was surprised.”

David, who is Italian, gave advice to Shannon, saying, “My wife is Korean, so our son is mixed. Prejudiced people think with a narrow perspective. You have to think yourself as special. I’m going to tell you what I told my son. You are one of a kind. Although you are just one, you have two cultures. So you can share more with others. Living without prejudice, that’s the most important thing in the world.”

Source: My Daily