miss A’s Jia and Fei reveal their ideal types

Appearing on Chinese show Laugh Out Loud, miss A members Jia and Fei revealed their respective ideal types to fans, choosing among nine male celebrities. 

The JYP Entertainment singers were given a tablet with a picture of nine male celebrities and asked to choose their favorite among the men. Before they made the reveal, however, Jia and Fei quickly pointed out that despite being advertised as nine “young and fresh” men, Chinese actor Huang Xiao Ming did not fit the description because he is married to model and actress Angelababy.

Of the eight remaining candidates, Jia chose Chinese actor and singer Li Yi Feng, explaining that she recently watched his drama and found him quite cute. When asked who she preferred, Fei admitted that she also liked Li Yi Feng as well. However, she later added that she actually prefers Huang Xiao Ming.

After revealing their favorites among the nine men, the miss A members also discussed the relationship between Lee Min Ho and fellow miss A member Suzy. In admitting their jealousy, however, the miss A members also added that they had both chosen Lee Min Ho as their ideal type in the past, jokingly saying that they should be careful who they pick as their ideal types in the future.

Make sure to watch the full video below!