miss A’s Min continues to receive hate for performance on “King of Masked Singer”

Netizens continue to bash miss A’s Min for her poor performance on the latest installment of MBC‘s King of Masked Singer by leaving comments about her singing on unrelated articles about Min on news sites.

Min had made an appearance on the May 31st episode of King of Masked Singer, singing a duet with Teen Top’s Chunji. However, her performance was less than satisfactory for many people.

Netizens have continued to leave negative comments regarding Min’s performance on any related articles they can find. These netizen comments were left on an article talking about Min starting a daily job at Kon Kook University’s BonGousse Hamburger shop.

1. [+ 140, – 18] Min’s a little off in everything..body meh singing meh appearance meh

2. [+ 94, – 16] She wanted to pull a Luna but failed

3. [+ 87, – 11] Yesterday’s song was….

4. [+ 91, – 17] I thought she was going to be an awesome singer;; I was disappointed in masked singer yesterday;; I guess she was all hype;;; Really I was disappointed

Source: TV Report