miss A’s Min reveals she was signed to JYP at age 12

On the episode aired on May 20th, miss A‘s Min made a guest appearance on SBS variety show Discovering Gifted Kids, where she shared about her pre-debut and trainee life in the U.S.
Min shared her story of how she was discovered as a ‘young talent’. Many might have mistaken her for being American with her fluent English-speaking skills, but she is in fact of Korean nationality and was sent to the United States by JYP Entertainment when she was still young, around 12 years old.

Considered one of the longest-trained trainees with the entertainment company, Min explained, “I signed with JYP when I was in 6th grade.” JYP had planned for her to make a U.S. debut and so Min moved from Korea and attended school in New York. Min was asked on the show if she was fearful to attend school in the U.S. after signing the contract, she answered, “Ever since I was young, I had an urge to learn singing and dancing somewhere bigger than Korea. My grandmother raised me since I was young and she was very supportive of my decision as well.”

Min turns 25 this year, with around 13 years of her life dedicated to JYP.

In response to Min’s appearance on the show, netizens have left their comments, bringing fellow group members into the topic.

[+8768, -249] But the one that’s at the top now is Suzy who was a trainee for a very short time.

[+4860, -304] She works very hard but doesn’t really get anywhere…fighting

[+4648, -762] Min’s so cute ㅋㅋ I wish other members would get as much attention not only Suzy. Fei is so pretty too

Source: TV Report