miss A shows off their sexy dance moves in dance version of “Only You”

With their newest song “Only You” already surpassing six million views after less than two weeks since its release, miss A treated fans to a dance version of the music video. 

Dressed in the same sexy pink outfits from their album cover and group teaser images, the JYP Entertainment girl group showed off their moves as they danced to their extremely catching and addicting song.

With a stationary camera and no cuts, the video is very similar to the dance practice video, except with the girls dancing in full heels and costume. With such a clear shot of the girls performing the choreography of their latest hit, fans will definitely have a good opportunity to learn the dance for the catchy track.

In addition to the group dance version of the video, miss A also released individual videos of the dance for each of the members. Make sure to check out the dance version of miss A’s “Only You” below!