miss A teases comeback from the recording studio

On the night of February 15th, miss A members Min and Jia updated their SNS accounts, revealing that they were in the recording studio, likely preparing for their comeback!

Although there were worrying speculations previously regarding a cold relationship between Suzy and the other members, preparations for a group comeback is still on the way.

Jia first updated her Twitter with an image of Fei, where the both of them visited the recording studio together. The two Chinese members were also seen together in the recording studio on January 11th.

Min then posted a photo of herself inside the recording studio later that night, although it was a Sunday where most people usually take a break off work. Min was recently featured in f(x) Amber‘s solo debut music video, although she took a bad fall while filming.

A music industry insider revealed that miss A will be making their comeback with new music in April.