Missing female dies at JTBC drama “Maids” massive fire

Just moments ago, we reported that a JTBC production studio for drama, Maids had erupted in a fire, with all staff except one being accounted for. Now, in an update to the story, it is being revealed that a female staff has passed away.

In the afternoon of December 13th at 1:30pm, a large fire broke out on the set around lunch time. Most staff were out eating, so casualties are not being reported, however, one staff was not accounted for at this time.

Fire department took control of the situation and were currently searching for the missing staff with a total of 12 firetrucks and 29 firefighters showing up to assist. However, it is now being revealed that the 35 year old female staff was discovered, but it was too late to save her.

The second episode of Maids has now been cancelled, with staff stating that it is more imperative they take care of the fire and the tragedy rather than shoot the episode. An official statement will be released soon, according to staff.

Source: News1