Mithra makes a fan’s wish come true at San Francisco Epik High concert

During the first stop of their North American tour, Epik High wowed fans when Mithra granted a fan’s wish by doing aegyo. 

To thank fans for their love and dedication, group member Tablo revealed to fans that the trio would be each granting a wish from a bucket of requests from fans. As the crowd watched on carefully, the group finally picked the first request, which was addressed to maknae Mithra.

Tablo excited the crowd by revealing, “So this one says to ‘to Mithra’ and there’s a heart on the I.” The crowd was excited upon hearing this but exploded after Tablo explained that the wish was for Mithra to do aegyo, adding that aegyo was “Korean for whatever a man should not do.

As Mithra prepared to show his cuteness to the crowd, Tablo warned the crowd, “If you’re not cool with this, because I’m not, just close your eyes because, seriously, this is life-threatening,” adding, “close your eyes and ears if you can’t see surgeries and stuff, okay?” After some short preparation, the rapper finally showed his cute side for approximately two seconds and even said “I love you” to the lucky fan,  apologizing to the crowd.

The three wishes granted to fans was part of group member DJ Tukutz‘s wish to become genies for fans. Epik High just finished their concert in San Francisco, California, the first stop of their North American tour. With concerts being held until mid-June, the YG Entertainment hip-hop trio will sure to grant more wishes for their lucky fans.

Make sure to check out Mithra’s rare aegyo below!