Mnet M! Countdown performances from October 23rd

M! Countdown aired on October 23rd, and there are plenty of performances to watch over and over again! Check out this week’s artists on M! Countdown below!On the latest episode of M! Countdown, Gaeko won #1 in a close match against VIXX, Epik High made their comeback with “Spoiler”, BTS with “War of Hormone”, Super Junior with “Evanesce” and “This is Love”,  S with “Utopia” and “Without You”, and UNIQ with “Falling in Love”.

Strawberry Milk, Roy Kim, MAD TOWN, MINXSong Ji Eun, Juniel, Purfles, and also performed.

Check out the performances below!

Boyfriend – “Witch”

BTS – “War of Hormone”

Epik High – “Spoiler”

S – “Utopia” + “Without You”

Song Ji Eun – “25”

Strawberry Milk – “OK”

Super Junior – “Evanesce” + “This is Love”

UNIQ – “Falling in Love”

VIXX – “Error”