Mnet M! Countdown will host EXO’s first comeback stage

It has been confirmed that EXO‘s first comeback stage this April will take place on Mnet M! Countdown.

On March 30th, popular idol group EXO is scheduled to release their comeback album EXODUS, the first release from the group since May 2014 with “Overdose.” Following their album’s release, EXO will take the stage on April 2nd on M! Countdown, revealed a broadcasting official who confirmed the news on March 20th.

EXO has already revealed part of the comeback title track, “Call Me Baby,” at their recent concert event in Seoul, as well as new tracks “EXODUS,” “Full Moon,” “Hurt,” “Playboy,” “My Answer,” and more.

With the news out of their confirmed first comeback stage, there is no doubt that fans are as excited as ever to see their favorite idol performing on the air once again.

Currently, the SM Entertainment group is putting their fans’ brain to work as they reveal mysterious and coded teasers under the title “Pathcode” with Kai, Tao, and Chanyeol‘s versions out already.

Source: Star News