Mnet releases another teaser for “NO.MERCY” ft. K.Will

Mnet has surprised its fans with another close look into the new television series NO.MERCY. NO.MERCY will be a new survival show centered on Starship Entertainment, their trainees, and their current artists.

In the teaser, K.Will is seen peacefully riding his bike down the road. Suddenly, his bike grinds to a halt, because a rope which suddenly attaches to his bike. The camera zooms to the chain, and we see twelve happy looking boys sitting in kiddie carts attached to the bike. As the boys begin laughing, K.Will becomes angry and the innocent smiles of the boys disappear.

Similarly, two days ago Mnet released their first teaser featuring SISTAR‘s Hyorin. Hyorin is seen melodiously singing while being ogled at by a nearby boy. She soon stops singing as she throws down the rope connecting twelve boys in their kiddie carts.

Stay tuned to Mnet as NO.MERCY premieres on December 10th KST!

Check out the hilarious videos below!