Mnet and Starship Entertainment to present “NO.MERCY” survival program

Mnet and Starship Entertainment will be presenting a survival program titled NO.MERCY to create a new male rookie boy group. Starship’s skilled trainees and top musicians will feature on the highly anticipated show.

Starship Entertainment, which houses SISTAR, K.Will, BOYFRIEND, JunggiGo, Mad Clown, and other popular artists, is presenting the survival program to debut a new hip-hop boy group. The program will feature Rhymer, San E, Giri Boy, Genius Nochang, and more as part of the show.

Trainees from Starship Entertainment will not only perform collaboration stages, but also receive mentoring from Korea’s top musicians during the show. The finalists will be members of Starship’s new rookie boy group.

NO.MERCY‘s PD Yoo Il Han announced, “Differing from former survival programs, trainees on this show will perform collaboration stages with top musicians. You will indulge in the skills and charms of the 12 competing trainees.”

The pilot episode will air 11pm KST on December 10th, and will continue for ten following weeks.

Source: Ten Asia