Monday Kiz releases short MV teaser for upcoming track “Love”

On January 6th, Can Entertainment group Monday Kiz released a short video teaser for their upcoming track “Love.” 

The short 25-second teaser didn’t reveal much about the upcoming music video for the track, but did include a short cut from the song itself, revealing that it would be a ballad-type track.

The video itself first features the feet of an unknown character slowly walking towards somewhere, before fading to a scene with an emotional male character, as the clip from the song plays in the background.

Monday Kiz recently had a comeback in late September with the ballad song “Words That Kill Me Twice,” which combined stills, slow motion shots, and funky filters to match the groovy, jazzy feeling of the track. Although the teaser for “Love” hasn’t revealed much about the group’s upcoming song, ballad-lovers are already anticipating the release of the track. The release date, however, has not yet been revealed.

Make sure to check out the teaser video for Monday Kiz’s upcoming release “Love” below!