MONSTA X members film lovey-dovey morning calls for “DeokspatchX”

The members of rookie group MONSTA X want to wake you up through special morning call videos!

For the second episode of their news-like variety program, the members of MONSTA X filmed lovey-dovey morning calls for their fans. First up was talented rapper, Jooheon, who recorded a “charismatic” wake-up call. In his video he playfully threatened, “If you don’t wake up, I’m going to live with you. Wake up? Or gonna live with me?”

Next up was Hyungwon with his “younger boy version” where he tried to wiggle his way into the hearts of his noona (older girl) fans. He asked, “Did you have a dream of me?” Following Hyungwon was member Wonho who recorded a “real man” morning call. He counted down from ten and when he realized it wasn’t working, he got out his whistle. He ended his morning call by trying to act cutely.

Shownu was up next with his signature “robot” morning call. He said, “If you don’t wake up, I’m going to dance.” He then proceeded to dance like a robot, creating lots of laughter. Minhyuk showed off his triangle skills in his recording of a “trainee teacher” version of a morning call. Rapper I.M filmed a “What I Am” version where he tried to persuade with the line, “I made a delicious meal for you. Let’s eat together. Won’t you have a taste of my soup?” Last up was Kihyun who recorded a “cutie” morning call where he asked for a kiss but had a hard time not laughing.

On the first episode of “DeokspatchX” the members of MONSTA X completed embarrassing challenges. MONSTA X made their official debut last week with the release of their music video for “Trespass” and their mini-album. The group performed their debut stages last week as well. Meanwhile, rapper Jooheon released a mixtape featuring Flowsik.

Check out the second episode of “DeokspatchX” below! Which member’s morning call is your favorite?

Source: 1theK’s Official YouTube Channel