Monsta X nabs first endorsement deal as models before official debut

Monsta X is undoubtedly gaining attention from Korean companies even before their official debut in the music industry as they hurry to recruit them as their advertising models.

Starship Entertainment‘s upcoming hip-hop group Monsta X, who was recruited via the agency’s recently completed survival show NO.MERCY, has won their first endorsement deals as the models of brand apparel Litmus.

This was revealed via the agency’s official Twitter account on March 10th, where they revealed the first shots of the S/S line. Through the shoot, Monsta X has shown that they have the ability to be the next generation idol’s fashionistas.

The Litmus photoshoot was taken with the concept of “Run free rhythm, Flash prep crew,” and revealed its newly upgraded 2015 S/S lineup, showing its strong color lines with the product “DIST9NE.” With a mix of the traditional and trendy elements, the line remains stylish and casual while still being sold at a reasonable price.

Starship Entertainment commented, “Monsta X has been chosen as advertising models even before their official debut is extraordinary. Since the end of the program ‘NO.MERCY,’ we have been carefully choosing their projects as advertising models in areas such as clothing and beverages. We are thankful for your interest and support.”

Monsta X is expected to make their debut in the first half of the year with seven members in their lineup, including Jooheon, Shownu, Kihyun, Wonho, Hyungwon, Minhyuk, and I.M.