Monsta X reveals image teaser for Minhyuk

On May 2nd, Monsta X revealed the third black and white member image teaser featuring Minhyuk.

Fans have already gotten hints with the unveiling of image teasers for members Jooheon and Kihyun.

Just like his groupmates, Minhyuk poses casually and suavely in a car shop. Trays of tools can be seen to his left and right while he dons a patterned black and white outfit.

The image teaser discloses no further details on the timing of the Starship Entertainment group’s May debut date. However, another mysterious chain of letters is included as a hashtag. Fans speculate that the letters in Kihyun’s spelled out “No Exit,” the group’s final NO.MERCY stage. In light of this, it appears that these letters may spell out the tracks Monsta X will be debuting with.

Check out Minhyuk’s photo here:

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