Monsta X unveils chic image teaser for Kihyun

On May 1st, Starship Entertainment’s upcoming hip hop boy group Monsta X unveiled an individual image teaser for vocalist Kihyun.

The group recently shared a photo of rapper Jooheon to get fans excited for the group’s debut. Photographed in a similar fashion, Kihyun is seated on a large tire in a similar car shop setting.

Dressed in a black vest and a clean white shirt, his gaze penetrates fans’ hearts as many have left comments expressing their excitement for the group’s debut. Followers of NO.MERCY are no strangers to the boys’ talents as Kihyun had already released a collaboration with SISTAR’s Soyou and Giriboy titled “Pillow.”

Although his teaser reveals no further clues, it confirms that the group will be debuting this month with the hashtag reading “#201505xx.

Check out Kihyun’s image teaser here:

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