MONSTA X’s Jooheon and AZIATIX’s Flowsik tell you to “Stay Strong” in new mixtape remix

Rapper Jooheon of rookie hip hop group MONSTA X has released the second track of his new mixtape album, Jung Ji.

In the late night of May 18th, Starship Entertainment released “Stay Strong” onto their official YouTube channel explaining that the song is the second track included in Jooheon’s mixtape album titled Jung Ji, which means “discontinuation” in Korean.

The rapper’s newly released song is a cover remix of rapper Palo Alto‘s original track “Stay Strong” featuring Tiger JK. Although both the “Stay Strong” tracks are about the artists’ lives being drowned with harsh obstacles and overcoming them, Jooheon’s version takes on a darker, more ferocious viewpoint against the hurdles and haters in his life.

Heard in the lyrics are Jooheon’s frequent usage of strong profanity towards his skeptics, for example, “The people around me keep burning my dreams. There are way too many motherf*ckers who fall in love with the money.

In the latter parts of the song, Jooheon is again heard rhyming other bitter words along with his lyrics while Flowsik uses his deep and unique voice to rap completely in English throughout the first half of his part.

Flowsik is most familiar as the rapper of Asian-American music group AZIATIX, and recently released his own solo track “The Calling.” The rapper has also made his presence known in the K-pop world, working with many Korean artists to feature on their albums including XIA Junsu, Brian Joo, JaejoongJYJ, HyunA, and more.

Fans of both MONSTA X and AZIATIX have left comments such as, “Oh my goodness! Joo Heon is really good!” “I should get to know Joo Heon and his new group more; he’s very good,” and, “Flowsik is featuring in the song, too?! So awesome! I hope MONSTA X makes it big!