Moon Hee Jun reveals that he felt endangered when TVXQ was training

On December 28th, Moon Hee Jun, who is known for being a former H.O.T. member, appeared on JTBC’s Inside Story Salon where he revealed that TVXQ made him feel endangered.

While Moon Hee Jun revealed that he would usually help his hoobaes and try to better himself at the same time, he said, “There was a group of hoobaes that made me nervous. They were on my mind for a while, it was TVXQ.” Although they were his hoobaes, “I felt endangered as soon as I saw them training,” he said.

H.O.T. debuted as a five member group during the 90s under SM Entertainment. The Korean group released their first album, We Hate All Kinds of Violence in September of 1996, while the group disbanded in 2001 when their contract expired.

Source: TV Report