MV Director Of EXID’s New Track “L.I.E” Posts Vague Message On Instagram Regarding Sexual Innuendo

With EXID being criticised for the sexual innuendos displayed on their “L.I.E” music video, Korlio, the director of the production, has subtly spoken up. 

On June 3rd, Korlio made a vague post on his personal Instagram account of him posing on top of a car with a caption saying, “What do you mean suspicious? It was intended.” Although the message was not aimed at anyone, netizens linked the statement to the recent controversy surrounding EXID’s latest music video.

The controversy started after netizens pointed out the obvious sexual representations in the music video immediately after it was released. It featured Hani with a pepper crusher, along with representations of the number 69 and the members in provocative poses. Netizens have left comments such as “An inconvenience,” “It’s obscene” and more.

However, despite the controversy, the music video managed to reach more than 3 million views within three days.

Image: Korlio's Instagram / Dispatch
Image: Korlio’s Instagram / Dispatch

Source: Dispatch