Bobby Kim returns with comeback MV “Apology”

Bobby Kim makes his big return for the first time in four years and returns with the full music video for his latest track, “Apology”. 

On October 22nd, Bobby Kim released his 4th album Mirror in which he entirely took charge of the production for the first time. Returning for his comeback in four years, Bobby Kim expresses his thought on his return saying, “I am nervous as if I am a rookie singer all again.”

For the title song “Apology”, Bobby Kim asked his very close friend and beloved singer Lee Juck to write the lyrics. Lee Juck has actually supported Bobby Kim’s comeback through a video message, “When I was requested by Bobby to write the lyrics, I was really thoughtful on it because ‘Apology’ is a great song. As the title implies, the song is about an apology of a guy to the girl whom he dated for a long time.”

Check out the music below! The trumpet in the background is also played by Bobby Kim’s own father Kim Young Geun.

Source: TV Report