MYNAME teaches some moves from “too very so MUCH” in “Let’s Dance”

After coming back with their latest song, “too very so MUCH,” MYNAME teaches their fans some of their key dance moves in the newest episode of Let’s Dance.

On February 12th, MYNAME came back with the track “too very so MUCH” which showcased a comedic video and catchy song. Putting a bounce in their step, MYNAME jams along to their track with some unique dance moves.

With their bright personalities and funky dance techniques, MYNAME teaches their fans some of the signature moves from “too very so MUCH” on 1theK’s Let’s Dance. The members taught their dance moves, “Headache Dance,” “Chaos Dance,” and “Poke! Target Dance,” step by step.

Through their energetic beat and enthusiasm, MYNAME enjoyed instructing their fans to “too very so MUCH.” The gorup recently released their 2nd mini-album on February 12th.

Check out the energetic video here: