Mysterious female holds “New Unit: Strawberry” Pepero in latest YG “Who’s Next?” teaser poster

YG Entertainment has released the fifth “Who’s Next?” teaser image on November 2nd, hinting that a new unit will be making their debut under the agency in just a little over a week.

In the last couple days, YG Entertainment has shared four other teaser posters, revealing the date, mysterious equations that read “1+1” and ”
1+1÷1“, and the latest revealing the upper body of a female holding a black Pepero box with the text “New Unit: Milk Chocolate” and “+”.

The fifth teaser takes on a similar concept as the latter, albeit is a much brighter color with pink and white approach, while the text reads “New Unit: Strawberry” and “÷”.

The currently mysterious unit will make their debut on November 11th at midnight KST.

What could the symbols possibly mean? Who is YG Entertainment’s new duo unit?

Stay tuned to Koreaboo as further information is revealed!