Nana shares her secret to maintaining her slim figure

After School and Orange Caramel‘s Nana revealed her secret to maintaining her model-like physique.

Prior to Nana’s debut in 2009, she was known for having superior visual length along with a skinny body type. She continued to maintain her figure for years and there were claims that Nana was born with the model physique. But in reality, Nana works hard and is passionate about keeping her body in good condition.

Nana shared, “Ever since I started exercising, I go to the health club to receive personal training even when I’m busy and I prefer a low-sodium diet plan with healthy food.” Nana is extremely committed to finding time to workout and eat healthy.

Nana also revealed her thoughts on the vanity behind exercising. Nana confessed, “I only exercised and dieted for a good figure when I first began, but it’s not like that anymore.” As Nana continued her fitness journey to achieve a good figure, she said, “I realized that health comes first. When you’re focusing on your health, a beautiful figure naturally follows.

Nana will be featured in the November Cosmopolitan Korea issue. Go behind the scenes of the photo shoot and interview down below!

Source: Enews24 and Cosmopolitan Korea