Narsha gives advice to her juniors, “You don’t have to compete amongst your members”

On the December 10th broadcast of KBS2 TV’s Full House, Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha, revealed some valuable advice for her juniors in girls groups, implying that if you do not compete amongst each other, your group will prosper for a longer time.

This broadcast focused on the difficulties that girl groups face and among Narsha included KARA’s Park Gyuri, Apink’s Jung Eunji, AOA’s Jimin, and Lovelyz’s Ryu Sujeong.

Narsha was quoted, “You don’t have to compete amongst your members. I think, in the end that is all just greed and it’s best if you just work hard on yourself. If you put such goals in place, eventually a good opportunity will come along. Competing is pointless and hopeless.”

Towards her juniors in the industry she continued on to say, “At this time there is nothing else you need to learn. You have now achieved your dream of being a singer so I think, if you are grateful of that fact in itself, in due time, great opportunities will come to you.”

With so many groups coming out year after year and with so many members, it’s inevitable that there will be rifts among them at times. Narsha’s advice reminds the artists of their initial goals and dreams, and to focus on those instead of greed and competition in order to excel not only within yourself, but also to help your group prosper in the long run.

Source: Newsen