Naul releases his solo single project “You From the Same Time”

Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul has collaborated with actor Yoo Seung Ho to bring to life his solo single project “You From the Same Time.”

After recently teasing fans, Naul returns with a beautiful music video from his first solo project “You From the Same Time” on February 5th. From the beginning of the song, it already has a sweet and sorrowful vibe as a piano begins to play. Time seems to stop for Yoo Seung Ho, who plays the role as the main actor of the video, as he lights a candle in remembrance and stares longingly out of his window. He later is shown, wandering around his nearly empty apartment wondering what he should do now.

It was already known that the members of the talented ballad group Brown Eyed Soul would be showing off individual talents, and after time off the main stage, Naul still proves that he knows how to provoke emotion with his heart wrenching song. Through delicate vocals and amazing acting skills, Naul’s solo project is sure to impress those who enjoy a slow jam.

Check out the beautiful song below: