Navi releases emotional music video for “At the Han” + mini-album “Real Story”

On January 6th, Navi released the music video for “At the Han,” the title track to her latest mini-album, “Real Story.”

“Real Story” contains a total of five tracks and one instrumental. The title track, “At the Han,” is an emotional ballad track that showcases Navi’s impressive vocal talents and has lyrics that were written by Navi herself, while the song was composed by Gruzio. Other songs on the album include “First Snow,” featuring J’Kyun, which was pre-released in November 2014, “I Ain’t Going Home Tonight” featuring Geeks that was released in September 2013, “Gone Too Far,” which was released in March 2014, and “Giraffe.” An instrumental version of the title track “At the Han” is also included.

The music video for the album’s title track, “At the Han,” starts with Navi walking alone by the Han River. The video shows her memories of meeting a past boyfriend there as well as her recounting memories from pictures. She goes to meet him at the Han River wearing the same scarf he once gave her after trying to look her best, but in the end he walks away and she drops the scarf and a picture of the two of them. Overall, she regrets going to meet him again and Navi conveys this emotion well through her voice.

Check out the music video for Navi’s “At the Han” below!

Source: 1theK’s Official YouTube Channel and Bugs