A netizen exposes an idol’s past and reveals her TRUE personality

A netizen has posted a story on forum boards online, sharing a touching story from the past, pre-debut life of Apink’s Bomi and her kind personality from that time. 

While some netizens question the validity of the story due to the original poster’s lack of evidence to prove that her dongsaeng went to the same school as Bomi, most netizens have taken the story at face value and expressed how touched they are by Bomi’s actions.

The following is the netizen’s post on Pann as directly translated by Koreaboo.

When my dongsaeng was younger, she (gender not specified, but assuming the dongsaeng is female) was sick. Thus she had to frequently go to the hospital and skipped school a lot. On top of that, she was very shy, so she didn’t have many friends.

She always cried and had a very hard time with her life. When my dongsaneg would go to school, all the kids used to ignore her or make fun of her, but this member (Bomi) would always greet her saying “You’re here~~” and would take care of her.

She (Bomi) would eat lunch with her go out after school with her and walk her home. She even told the bullies to stop bothering her!

My sister didn’t laugh or smile much, so the member (Bomi) would make funny motions and faces to try to make her laugh and even taught her to dance a little bit ㅋㅋㅋ

She (Bomi) has debuted now and is a very popular idol, but it hurts me to see that people have been saying bad things about her after a certain variety show. It hurts me, because I know what kind of person she really is.

If I ever see you again, I would like to give you a big hug and tell you that my sister is doing very well in heaven and to thank you for taking care of her.

Bomi, my sister was always so grateful to you.

If there is a chance, I would like to go with you to visit her. I still remember my sister telling me about you when she would come home after school.

Really, thank you so so much always. I will always cheer for you. I know my sister is cheering for you from above. Thank you Bomi.

Source: Pann