Netizens accuse boy group 24K and member of copying EXO and BTS

Netizens accuse 24K member Sungoh for wanting to be part of the look-alike duo, EXO’s Baekhyun and BTS’ V.

A blog post posted by a fan is getting a lot of attention after many photos suggest that 24K member Sungoh allegedly copied EXO member Baekhyun and BTS member V. Originally titled as “EXO, BTS Copying Idol (You Might Get Angry),” the blog post has been getting a lot of attention as well as making some fans mad.

In the blog post, the questions being raised are not only about Sungoh’s pictures on his SNS account, but 24K’s teaser and choreography are also being accused of alleged plagiarism.

Baekhyun and V have been a widely known look-alike duo amongst both fans of EXO and BTS. In these photos below, fans are accusing 24K member Sungoh for trying to jump in the look-alike group as well.

Here are direct translations on the captions of the original blog post:

“Sungoh trying to copy V’s photos (V is on the right and Sungoh is on the left)”




“Some can say that these are weak examples and evidence, but here are pictures of Sungoh copying selfies of BTS V before his debut hahahahahaha

(Sungoh is on top and V is on the bottom)”



“A picture that was posted on 24K Sungoh’s Instagram account. Sungoh and V’s selfie together.

(BTS V is on the right and 24K Sungoh is on the left)”


“They don’t look alike at all hahahahaha but posted that they look alike hahaha

A two-shot picture that fans say BTS V and EXO Baekhyun look alike.

(BTS V on the right and EXO Baekhyun on the left)”


“They actually look alike a little haha

24K copying EXO below!!”


This is 24K’s teaser:


“This is EXO’s video before their stage on MAMA.

EXO released this video first at MAMA but 24K copied them exactly hahahaha”


This is 24K’s choreography:


EXO’s WOLF “Tree of Life” choreography

“When I saw 24K’s choreography, I first thought it was EXO hahahaha but it isn’t hahahaha If people who didn’t know watched it, they’ll think its Exo. 24K released their song first but they didn’t have that choreography at first. But after EXO’s Wolf came out, they added that choreography hahahaha what the heck is this.. they are plagiarizing openly.. Please stop this haha.”

++additional photo


“This is 24K Sungoh before he switched his ways of makeup and hair

hahahahahahahahahahahah why is this funny to be hahahahahahahahahaha I didn’t think to find his old photos at first hahahahahahhaha He only looks like them (V and Baekhyun) only because of hair and make up. Doesn’t he feel guilty at all? hahahahhaha  I can only laugh hahahaha”

Source: Nate Pann