Netizens Accuse BTS Of Scheming Media Play By Exaggerating Their Millionth Album Sale Achievement

Big Hit Entertainment have placed themselves into a bit of trouble after releasing a statement about BTS’s anticipated one million album sales. 

On June 13th, Big Hit Entertainment announced that after corresponding with Gaon’s music chart, the albums of BTS’s three albums, The Most Beautiful Moment in  Life Pt.1 (HwaYangYeonHwa), The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.2 and Young Forever accumulated more than 936,000 sales. After the numbers came out, BTS, their agency and their fans are anticipating the nearing of their first one million mark for their HwaYangYeonHwa series.

However, the statement was met with criticism. First, the agency, was ridiculed for publishing an article announcing their million mark by combining sales from last year and this year’s album releases. Second, fans of EXO in particular, were angry for including EXO’s own achievement in the article title, leaving others to speculate for media play.

Netizens also got the chance to criticise the agency for consistently using other artists in their published releases and mock the artist for overplaying their accomplishments. It is reported that EXO reached more than half of a million for preorders and sales of their latest album, while BTS are earning their first million by combining three releases.

Source: TVReport