Netizens accuse Hyuna of getting Breast Enlargement Surgery

On famous online forum Pann, netizens were deep in debate on the topic of Hyuna‘s alleged breast surgery.
The original post titled, “Did Hyuna have breast surgery??” compiled pictures of Hyuna comparing the size of her breasts in old music videos and her most recent music video.

“I saw her recent music video and her breasts got so big. I’m sure they weren’t that big previously and girls can tell if it’s padding and it’s not. Did it get bigger? These are youtube captures from before and now.”










Gfycat gif

Gfycat gif

[+ 81, – 1] I had exactly the same thought..when I saw the picture of her in the bikini…

[+ 77, – 2] It’s ridiculous to say she’s just that big because she’s on her period the size is completely different;; Her recent photo shoot made me 100% sure that she had surgery.

[+ 48, – 95] Maybe she’s just using a really good bra why do you guys care so much about plastic surgery on celebrities? What difference does it make whether they did or not?

Source: Pann