Netizens accuse Nicole of undergoing breast enlargement surgery

A recent photo showing former KARA member, Nicole, has made its rounds online and is receiving negative comments from netizens accusing her of undergoing plastic surgery.

On April 3rd, at the launching party of mask pack brand “Ultru”, Nicole was spotted on the red carpet in a gorgeous white dress. A reporter from Newsen reported on this event and titled his article, “Nicole’s ‘amazing volumous body’.

Netizens who saw this picture have begun to accuse Nicole of undergoing breast enlargement procedure stating:


[+ 371, – 25] Women can tell the difference between natural and artificial…although it is more apparent when the person’s lying sideways.

[+ 304, – 32] You did it.. Girl it’s so obvious~~although it’s not much of an improvement

[+ 232, – 20] Those aren’t just push up bras are they??????

Source: Newsen