Netizens accuse Red Velvet’s Yeri of plastic surgery

Netizens spotted a suspicious light colored rectangle on Red Velvet‘s newest member, Yeri‘s forehead during the Red Velvet Ice Cream Truck special on Naver.

The picture was immediately posted to Instiz with the original screenshot of the video and another photo pointing out the bright rectangle on the youngest member’s forehead captioned, “Doctor, what is this?

Soon after it was posted, speculation began to arise about whether or not the ’99 liner, who recently turned 16 years old (17 years old in Korea), had undergone plastic surgery at such a young age.

Some comments on the post have come to her defense saying, “It looks like highlighting makeup? She’s only in high school, [who] would make her have surgery this early?” and “It’s probably just lighting. But minors can have plastic surgery with parental consent. A dongseng (young friend) of mine had some done keke.

Others are convinced that plastic surgery is the only explanation for the well-defined square saying, “It’s too obvious of a square to just be makeup” because “a 99er can get any work done nowadays.

Still others have reasoned that SM Entertainment “wouldn’t put her through surgery that makes it look so obvious, but it is really unnatural makeup” and believed that “If it was that obvious, SM would have given her bangs or something to cover it up.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet recently make their comeback as a five-member group, with the release of their first mini album, “Ice Cream Cake.” They pre-released a music video for “Automatic,” for which member Yeri revealed that it was the first time she wore high heels!

Red Velvet also released a music video for their album’s title “Ice Cream Cake” and are currently promoting their album.

What do you think about the distinct light rectangle on Yeri’s forehead?

Source: Instiz