Netizens are amazed by this 34 year old man’s amazing weight transformation

On September 8th, a 34 year old Korean man shared a picture timeline of his diet on a popular online community called Pann. His dramatic change through his 15 kg weight loss is spreading like wildfire among Koreans and this is why.

“Umm I’ve never really posted anything here so I don’t really know what to say but I’ll share a timeline of my weight loss journey. I decided to go on a diet purely to boost my self esteem. In their twenties people are more concerned about appeals towards the opposite gender but as people approach their mid 30’s self esteem becomes the topic of discussion very frequently. That’s why I decided to test myself. Since I work as a programmer I rarely left my desk and after long years of working in such a condition my body felt like it wasn’t my own.”

He shared 3 tips to his successful dieting.

1. Enjoy walking. Even if you have no time to exercise walking to and from your scheduled meetings can give you enough exercise.

2. For meals try to eat once a day in the late after noon. BUT eat whatever you want till you are full at around 1:00 PM after that drink protein shakes when hungry.

3. Always keep a bottle of barley tea at hand. It suppresses your appetite and provides enough vitamin and keeps you hydrated.

“I simply kept to this rule and did not exercise too much or starve myself. The first 6 months of dieting was the hardest. The important thing is to fix the mindset of ‘I’m going to eat because it’s meal time’ only eat when you absolutely need to. I deeply respect people who can lose weight eating 3 meals a day.”

During my teens




Age: 33 (February 2014)

Age: 33 (September 2014)


Age: 34







And the most recent picture of my self




“I heard you have to leave your Facebook account for these things? Here it is The last picture is to prove that I didn’t have a nose job and I also didn’t have any type of plastic surgery done”

[+ 241, – 16] Oh my god he turned from Jung Hyung Don into Jung Woo Sung…he looked like an otaku before but now he looks like a handsome man…

[+ 150, – 8] The last 5 pictures are making my heart beat so fast…he looks like he’s in his 20’s

[+ 136, – 0] He has managed to age backwards….

Source: Pann