Netizens appalled at news of MC Mong’s appearance on “Unpretty Rapstar”

On March 25th, much to the displeasure of many netizens, MC Mong was confirmed to make his first TV appearance in five years as the last producer to introduce a track to the contestants of Mnet’s female rapper survival show, Unpretty Rapstar. 

Contrary to earlier reports that the last producer on the show would be Duble Sidekick, it has been revealed that MC Mong was the only producer who took part in the final filming of Unpretty Rapstar.

His appearance on the show will be the first time MC Mong has been on TV since he went on a hiatus due to allegations of his military draft dodging resulting in investigations in 2010.

The producers of the show had intended to keep MC Mong’s appearance on the show a complete secret until the episode aired. They took care to be very discreet during the entire process, from asking him to appear on the show to filming him.

One of the staff members for Unpretty Rapstar stated, “We wanted to keep it a secret until the episode aired. It was hard to convince him to appear on the show and the filming was hard as well. You will see amazing footage and music.”

Unfortunately, news of his appearance on the show leaked and spread like wildfire before his appearance was confirmed earlier today. Previously, following the hint that the last producer was an “enigmatic star,” viewers had begun to speculate that the last producer would be Seo Taiji, G-Dragon, or even famous foreign producers.

MC Mong has been met with stinging criticism from netizens since his return to the music industry in November 2014 with his album MISS ME OR DISS ME and most recently his mini-album.

Continuing to criticize the rapper, netizens have reacted with incredible venom to the news of his appearance on the show.

1. [+ 1091, -59]: This is complete garbage
2. [+ 983, – 58]: I really don’t want to see this guy I don’t understand why people keep trying to work with him. I also don’t understand how people can say that everything’s okay as long as his songs are good.
3. [+ 913, – 56]: What happened to justice in this country

Source: Daily Sports