Netizens are in awe with miss A Suzy’s perfect body proportions

After watching a fancam of miss A‘s Suzy departing from the Incheon International Airport, a netizen couldn’t help but rave over her perfect body proportions.

Published on the online community board Pann on September 16th and titled “Wow, look at Suzy’s crazy proportions,” posting two different .gifs of Suzy as she made her way towards the international flights. The .gifs were taken from a fancam video provided below:

The original poster commented, “She looks so down to Earth when she’s laughing and so cute. But look at her legs….so long and her face is so small. She has such perfect legs thin thighs…When you look at photos on news you think she’s alright but you look at pictures like this…”

“She looks so fair skinned, has a small face and so pretty. It looks like she doesn’t have much makeup on either, just her lips no eye make up….Just BB and lipstick…She looks like a goddess university student not even wearing heels…so jealous..^^”

Other netizens overall agreed with the original poster when it came to Suzy’s overall beauty as a celebrity, writing:

[+90 / -20]  Wow so pale…her skin looks so milky and she’s so likeable. She has a dog like face and wow she’s so pretty she has this aura about her…

[+84 / -18] Tall, pale and finally f’ing gorgeous

[+76 / -16] She’s so cute the way she says hello ㅠㅠ

Source: Pann