Netizens bash Goo Hye Sun following new album announcement

In addition to the recent activities of BIGBANG, fellow YG Entertainment artist Goo Hye Sun will also be embarking on new promotions.

Earlier today, Goo Hye Sun’s agency, YG Entertainment, revealed that the artist would be making a comeback in the music industry with the release of her new album, Breath 2 – After 10 Years, 100 Years. In the past, Goo Hye Sun has demonstrated her talent in acting through her roles in hit dramas such as Boys Over Flowers, however, she was bashed for her recent acting in the drama Blood and apologized.

In addition to her career as an actress, Goo Hye Sun has also shown her talents in singing and painting. She also illustrated her directing skills through past work.

This will be her first comeback since releasing her 6th single last October. The album is set to feature songs that were written and composed by Goo Hye Sun herself. However, YG Entertainment’s announcement of her new comeback album was met with criticism from netizens, who commented on her latest acting appearance as well as the fact that she does a little of everything without focusing on one field in particular. Some netizens even commented about which field they think she could work in next.

Some of the original Korean comments have been translated below:

[+ 126, – 15] Please just practice acting

[+ 115, – 14] Ms. Hyesun everything about you except your face is extremely average.. please pick one and stick to it.

[+ 99, – 13] Why not start comedy?? ㅋㅋ

What do you think about Goo Hye Sun’s new album announcement?

Source: NEWSIS