Netizens beg KBS not to ruin their 2015 Gayo Festival

With the 2015 MAMA and 2015 SBS Gayo Daejun receiving so much backlash for mishandling artists, netizens have placed their hopes with KBS‘s 2015 Gayo Festival to get it right. 

With the 2015 KBS Gayo Festival happening soon, fans can’t help but get excited. However, many netizens noted that the 2015 MAMA and 2015 SBS Gayo Daejun were also very highly anticipated, but both greatly disappointed fans. Many netizens have started pleading with KBS to handle artists and camera work correctly, adding that the station should also remember to not ignore rookies or groups from smaller companies.

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[+ 1721, – 13] Please KBS don’t disappoint us like the others..

[+ 1767, – 54] I hope they don’t cut out rookies and small company artists because their 220 minute show is filled with useless interviews

[+ 1353, – 6] Please don’t be like Gayo Daejun

[+ 1055, – 11] I feel like the sound is going to be awful because it’s ata baseball stadium..

Source: Sports Donga